Its simple, basic logic and common sense resulting in the following scenario:

  • Give each community a nice, well-equipped, inviting school = Kids will atend
  • Give each school an environmentally oriented, friendly, kids-loving teacher = Kids will love school and learn highly motivated
  • Give the teacher modern teaching materials regarding ecology, environmentally protective attitudes, solutions to local problem scenarios = Kids will correct old and erroneous processes and miths passed-on to them by their parents, resulting in future generations that will make a difference, change their way of living and give them tools and skills to take into own hands all measures and needs towards an environmentally sustainable life-style
  • Deliver the proyect fully finished, “turn-key” ready = Hold in the hands the cards for future cooperation under full trust to use this donation as a tool to later-on push them to accept and understand other ideas and proyects being more difficult to convince them, regarding long-term benefitts and environmental protection
  • Word of the positive results, better live quality, sound surrounding forests and water bodies, lush wildlife, plenty of food and new ways of optaining economic surplus will spread, motivating other communities to follow this path.
In this line of ideas we initiated the search for funding and optained it through “ARYSTA LIFESCIENCE CORPORATION” which, up to now has donated the money needed to build, paint and put into good use of a school and its sanitary installation in 4 “caboclo” communities: San Pedro do Norte, Pirapitinga, Jaburu and Asaizal all located in the middle and upper Javari valley; logistics regarding transport of construction material, tools, feeding of the involved carpenters and masons, as well as lodging equipment for the institute´s personell stationed at the job-sites was provided free of charge by the “RESERVA NATURAL PALMARI” and each and every step from scratch until final “turn key” delivery was managed, controlled and exceptionally well administrated by the institute´s operational manager, Mr. Jaime Gonzalves Cunha