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With full, up to 12 number of cities in the emergency AM

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Atalaia do Norte and Benjamin Constant become part list.
Alto Solimões level exceeded the quota overflow 12,85m.

Rose to 12 the number of cities in emergency situation due to overflowing rivers in the Amazon. The municipalities of North Watchtower and Benjamin Constant, located in the upper Amazon, have joined the list of places affected by the floods. A city declared a state of emergency. Across the state, 68,436 people were affected by flooding. The data was released on Tuesday (31) by the State Civil Defense.

The agency did not report the number of people affected in both cities included in the list. However, the two municipalities record streets and flooded homes. Families left homeless were sent to shelters.
A civil defense team should still be sent on Tuesday to the municipalities. The body of the technicians must assess the situation and count the number of people affected in each location.

The level of the upper Amazon exceeded the quota overflow 12,85m, according to the advisory organ of communication. On Tuesday (31), the Solimões reached 12,88m.

In all, 12 cities are in an emergency situation due to overflowing rivers in the state. Boca do Acre – which also influenced the flood of Rio Acre – declared public calamity on 10 March.

In the trough of the Jurua River, the cities in an emergency situation are: Foreign Ministry, Guajará and Ipixuna. The Eirunepé Envira and municipalities are also in an emergency situation. In the Rio Purus trough, the Amazonian cities affected by the flooding are Canutama, Tapauá, Carauari and Paunini.

In the upper Amazon, five cities on alert: Tabatinga, São Paulo Olivenza, Santo Antonio do Içá and Tonantins. Humaita, which is bathed by the Rio Madeira, is also on alert.

Humanitarian aid
According to the Civil Defense, 321 tons of humanitarian aid have been sent to Boca do Acre. The State Civil Defense has set up a collection station in the body’s headquarters, located at Avenida Carvalho Leal, No. 1659, Cachoeirinha district, South Zone of Manaus.