The Palmari community, the Instituto de Desenvolvimento Socioambiental do Vale do rio Javari, the Reserva Natural Palmari and the main staff of the Kajuyalí Groupe – Yanawará Camp commonly decided the first infrastructure item to be build should be a sturdy, wide and properly elevated bridge over the creek sepparating the private terrain of the Reserva Natural Palmari and the solid ground leading to the first houses of the “Palmari” community, this as to avoid all staff members coming to work early in the morning and/or leaving late at night from work from both communities “Palmari” and “San Pedro do Norte” having to use dug-out canoes during the high water season with the contained risks, allowing the guests of the Reserva Natural Palmari to visit both communities any time without the need to use boats or kayaks and spare administration the logistics regarding such transport, ease the supply of local produce to the reserve´s kitchen, housekeeping storage and activity centre, as well as to swiften the coming and going of children, local visitors and similar amongst various other advantages of having said bridge; the idea was taken-up inmediately by the summer-camp & school class excursion operating agency “KAJUYALÍ CAMP”, which generously decided to fully fund all requiered construction materials, wood, nails, screws and bolts for the bridge and built it in full, from scratch, during their 2 “YANAWARA” summer camps in July, 2.009, the campers and communal members becoming the carpenters, tool-pushers and architects; today the beautifull bridge named “Ponte da vida – Yanawara 2.009” stands tall and proud for the benefitt of all, also as a bridge uniting the work of the Reserva Natural Palmari, their clients and guests with the efforts of the Instituto de Desenvolvimento Socioambiental do Vale do rio Javari and the interests of the various communities.