Sowing jungle (“Sembrando Selva” ©)

In the year 2.008, during the third year of holding the “Yanawará” summer camp – being the site of the “Kajuyalí Camp” at the Reserva Natural Palmarí in the Amazon basin – it was decided that further support had to be shown regarding the world-wide effort to ensure the prevailing of the neo-tropical rain forests and that children and youngsters, future engines of this world, should be put in charge as to fulfil the great dream of helping to sow future in this precious ecosystem.

¿What is it, why is it and what is it´s purpose?

Sowing jungle (“Sembrando Selva” ©) is a proyect that was born with the aim to contribute with the mantainance regarding the ecosystems of neo-tropical rain forests, and, at the same time, educate in respect to the problems of world-wide deforestation, specifically in Amazonia, in order to create a concience towards the environment and the communities, plus, in some way return to these places everything they have given to us. “Yanawará” is a summer camp that is one of various proyects of the “Grupo Kajuyalí” firm and it takes place every year at the Reserva Natural Palmarí, commiting itself to teaching young people as to social and evironmental values. This is why “Yanawará” created this reforestation proyect, aiming to contribute with the mantainance and recovery of the forests, to ceate a multiplying effect on the involved generations and communities, to generate conciousness as to the deforestation reality the jungles are experiencing presently, its implications, its consecuences and what we can do in order to avoid that this continues. This initiative was born because we believe that the Reserva Natural Palmarí is an ideal scenario regarding environmental education, because we have to return to the earth what she has given to us and what better way doing that, than planting a tree in the forest. This proyect is supported by UNEP – the environmental divison of the United Nations –, by “Nature Conservancy”, and it is part of the United Nations “Billion Tree Campaign©” through which our trees enter the annual count of all trees planted all over the world.

¿What has “Sowing jungle” (“Sembrando Selva” ©) acomplished so far?

Making good use of the platform granted by the summer camp that took place during the months of June and July 2.008 at the Reserva Natural Palmarí, Sowing jungle (“Sembrando Selva” ©) planted together with the participating children and youngsters, the staff of both the “Kajuyalí Camp” and the Reserva Natural Palmarí, as well as the children from neighbouring communities 200 hard-wood trees like Achapo (Cedrelinga cateniformis), Pink Cedar (Cedrela odorata sp.), Samán (Samanea saman) and Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla ), as well as fruit-trees like Humarí (Poraqueiba sericea), Copoazú (Theobroma grandiflorum), Pomarosa (Syzygium malaccense), Guamo (Inga acuminata) and Huito (Genipapo americana). Besides, four seed-beds were built, in which Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla ), Pink Cedar(Cedrela odorata sp.) and Guamo(Inga acuminata) were sown in order to have them planted in the forests once they have germinated and grown. The seed-beds were constructed from old, discarded canoes, the growing substrate was prepared by a mixture of ideal soils for germination of the seeds, which were placed in a covered plant nursery to protect the sow and germinating process from wind, strong rains and/or direct sun impact. Further than the physical task of establishing the seed-beds, building the nursery and planting the trees, the biggest step that “Sowing jungle” (“Sembrando Selva ©) has acomplished until now is to touch hearts, move and establish commitment amongst the children and their families towards the environment and the jungle, all under the premise “Planet Earth and all it contains does not belong to us = We belong to planet Earth and we have to respect and honour all of what it containts”. This is what makes reforestation a highly important educational tool to be used with youngsters today, since not only an important task in the process of recuperation of various ecosystems under risk is acomplished, but a legacy of knowledge, conciousness and lessons are being delivered, which children will remember during the rest of their lives and, further, may visit and see “their tree” growing into the future. The world is undergoing a huge shift towards environmental concern and an education teaching conciousness and tolerance towards other forms of life, cultures and persons is crucial. “Sowing jungle” (“Sembrando Selva ©) today already is a part of a collective memory embedded in all those who participated in the proyect, now feeling proud and holding the memory in the hearts of children, youngsters and parents living in cities, as well as the villagers of the communities in the neighbouring region, becoming a symbol of proof that it is possible to support, that dreams can come true and that it does not matter where we come from, we all can help.


While being framed in the context of a summer camp, and while making part of the services offered by the Reserva Natural Palmarí to all its guests, “Sowing jungle” (“Sembrando Selva ©) holds the possibility of having projection in the long run, having continuity in time and hopes to envolve all children, youngsters and adults participating in the educational and recreational events the Reserva Natural Palmarí will hold in the future. The Reserva Natural Palmaí will offer this service of providing the visitors with seeds to be sown in primary substrate in the seed-beds, the seedlings in process of germination to be trans-planted into individual growing bags and the grown plants ready for being planted in the clearing of the forests in adecuate places for its final development until growing into a mature tree. With this, the visitors, not mattering where they come from, can provide their grain of sand in helping to sustain this amazing ecosystem. All these activities will be assisted by an instructing guide provided by the Reserva Natural Palmarí, duly trained and with ample knowledge referring to the ecology of neo-tropical rain forests and the planting processes. In addition to this and when dealing with a large groupe of envolved guests or with an activity demanding the help of many, the children from the neighbouring communities will be summoned to assist as participants in a process of environmental education. “Yanawará” y and its personell will be in charge of giving continuity to the proyect through their annual presence at the Reserva Natural Palmarí and they are the enpowering agents as to the tasks already acomplished in order to grow this initiative, using the platform of the “Kajuyalí Camp” summer camps as a basis to reach further goals and to acomplish new goals and more objectives.

For those firms and/or people that wish to contribute with this initiative, we have created two alternatives for participation and giving their grain of sand:

  • “Sowing jungle”(“Sembrando Selva” ©) “Supporter”– For all those firms that wish to submit to the proyect economically, so the initiative grows and reaches new stages.


  • Sowing jungle”(”Sembrando Selva” ©) “Lend a hand”–For all those persons who wish to participate in the proyect by lending a hand, and, through their assistance to the events that the proyect offers, making small contributions to it.