Instituto Javarí – Statement of Intent

1. To work with local communities in the Javarí valley, to help them create a way of life compatible with sustainable rainforest conservation by:

a. Promoting sustainable sources of income

b. Minimising impact on the environment through timber extraction

c. Limiting impact on the native fauna and flora from hunting and fishing

2. To support education in environmental conservation by:

a. Supporting education within the local communities

b. Promoting the knowledge and implementation of practical methods of conservation by the local communities

c. Encouraging responsible visitors from outside the area, to learn about the forest and its conservation

3. To provide support for local and international scientists to work on projects in the Javarí valley which will improve the understanding of the local forest and its fauna and flora, in order to support its long term conservation by:

a. Building formal links to Brazilian and International universities, government institutions and NGOs and with responsible tourism operators

b. Providing facilities for visiting scientists

c. Promoting the publication of relevant reports for the wider public

4. To promote donations from companies and individuals to establish a solid basis of funding which will ensure implementation of these goals.

All aforementioned six topics directed and combined into the main goal of ensuring that the forest fauna and flora will survive in the long term alongside mankind

To achieve these aims, the Instituto De Desenvolvimento Socioambiental Do Vale Do javarí will develop and maintain a small base in the valley, which will:

1. Provide a centre for operations and basic facilities for visitors

2. Include simple facilities for education

3. Be staffed initially by one field operative